When To Consider Physical Therapy

After you get an injury or undergo a surgery, you will find that your mobility and functional strength is limited. Because of this, you will need to relearn your proper movement pattern.

You will also need to regain your range of motion, endurance and strength. All this can be done through physical therapy.

Physical therapy deals with the musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiopulmonary conditions. Most of the people who go for physical therapy those who have been involved in an accident and their limbs have lost their functions, people with permanent disabilities and those who have disabling conditions like low back pain, cerebral palsy, head injuries, heart disease and arthritis.

Physical therapy will also help to maintain your health and overall fitness. Physical therapy uses a range of exercises and stimulants including hot and cold compresses. The patients will improve coordination, balance, endurance, strength, and flexibility.

To help the patients regain their normal bodily functions and to have a quick recovery, physiotherapists use assistive walking devices like wheelchairs and crutches. This will force the affected parts to be strong again and relearn their functions.

Methods used in physical therapy

Manual therapy

Most health specialists prefer this method of physical therapy. Manual therapy includes stretching and massage. This is to make the body stimulated and as a result move with ease. This is mostly done when the body muscles are involved.

Relaxing blood vessels by use of ice

This is a method used together with or as a substitute for manual therapy. It is mostly used where swelling has occurred. Ice relaxes the blood vessels and as a result, prevent further swelling. Ice will also help to cool the patient and make it possible for other effective methods of treatment to be introduced.

Reieve Back Pain

Use of heat for treatment

For most muscle injuries causing tightness, heat is used as a method of treatment. This method is used to make tissues flexible and as a result, stretch the tight muscles. The reasoning behind this is the fact that things stretch when they are heated.

Physical exercises

To improve muscle efficiency, physical exercises are recommended by the therapist. You will be encouraged to maintain a regular exercise program. These exercises include weight lifting, stretching to reduce muscle stress, and jogging.

Laser therapy

Using light or laser technology, the therapist tries to reduce swelling and pain. With this method, the therapist can deal with the affected area without making the patient feel any pain. This is mostly used for those patients who have tissue or muscle injuries deep within the skin.

Use of electrical shock

Therapists use a mild electrical shock to cause a muscular contraction among those patients who have gone through a very damaging experience. This shock is intended to restore the movement of muscles.


This method of physical physiotherapy involving the separation of the spinal cord. This is to allow the nerves and the disks a moving room. This method allows the spinal cord to be stronger and therefore not lose its support very fast. This method is also very fast and consumes less time. It is meant for all those patients suffering from back pains or abdominal region pain when one tries to move.